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About The AML Company​

Anti-Money Laundering​

For over 12 years, The AML Company has been dedicated to servicing pubs and clubs across Australia. With a track record of assisting over 300 active venues, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted business that genuinely understands the unique needs of the pub and club sector. Our unwavering commitment and specialisation in this sector have made us the go-to experts in AML/CTF compliance for pubs and clubs.

In 2023, The AML Company proudly joined the RCA Group, further solidifying our position in the industry and expanding our capabilities to serve our clients even better.

Our reputation speaks for itself: We are the company everyone else seeks to emulate. When you partner with The AML Company, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re getting a dedicated team of specialists who are passionate about ensuring your venue’s compliance and success. Trust in The AML Company – where expertise meets genuine care.

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Why Choose The AML Company?​

Unmatched Experience

With over a decade of dedicated service to the pub and club sector, The AML Company boasts an unparalleled track record. Our 12 years of experience have seen us assist over 300 venues, making us the go-to experts in AML/CTF compliance.

Specialised Focus

Our commitment is unwavering and singularly focused on pubs and clubs. This niche specialisation ensures that our solutions are tailored, relevant, and effective.

Trusted by Many

Our reputation precedes us. As a trusted business, we’re proud to be the company that others in the industry look to emulate. Our clients’ trust is a testament to our consistent delivery of excellence.

Innovative Solutions

In a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, we stay ahead of the curve. Our innovative approaches to compliance ensure that our clients are always prepared, no matter what changes come their way.

Part of a Bigger Family

In 2023, The AML Company proudly became a part of the RCA Group. This collaboration enhances our capabilities, ensuring that we offer comprehensive solutions that cover not just AML/CTF compliance but also Liquor & Gaming compliance.

Dedication to Excellence

Our commitment goes beyond just compliance. We’re dedicated to ensuring our clients’ success, and our solutions are designed with this in mind. When you partner with The AML Company, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your venue’s success.

How can the AML Company help you?​

The AML Company is a leading provider of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance services in Australia. Our services include the development and implementation of comprehensive AML/CTF compliance programs, ongoing monitoring and reporting of suspicious transactions, employee training, and regular compliance reviews.

The AML Company provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, using advanced technology and streamlined processes to ensure efficient and effective compliance.

We prioritise trust, integrity, and transparency in our relationships with clients and provide personalised service to ensure clear communication, timely updates, and proactive advice throughout the compliance process.

The AML Company is a trusted and reliable choice for businesses seeking top-quality AML/CTF compliance services.

Compliance Report

AML/CTF Programs for Pubs and Clubs

The AML Company specialises in creating and implementing tailored AML/CTF Programs specifically designed for pubs and clubs. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by these establishments, our programs ensure that they remain compliant with all AUSTRAC regulations. Our comprehensive solutions cover risk assessments, customer due diligence procedures, ongoing employee training, and regular program reviews to ensure continuous compliance. Leveraging our vast experience and industry-specific knowledge, we provide pubs and clubs with the tools and guidance they need to navigate the complexities of AML/CTF regulations with confidence.

Assistance with Liquor & Gaming Compliance​

Beyond AML/CTF, The AML Company also offers expert assistance in ensuring compliance with Liquor & Gaming regulations. We understand the intricacies of these regulations and provide establishments with the necessary guidance and support to operate within the legal framework, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for both businesses and their patrons.

Ongoing Support​​

At The AML Company, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional post-implementation support to our clients, ensuring that their AML/CTF compliance remains effective and up-to-date.