KYC requirements for Digital Drivers Licences?

Do Digital Drivers Licences affect my KYC?

In short, no.
AUSTRAC compliance rules remain unchanged for Digital Drivers Licences. As such, recording customer identification remains the same. This means the rules that apply to all cheque and cash payouts over $5,000 as previously registered, i.e. ensure the identification belongs to the player and is in date, remain unchanged.
Recording these details onto your existing Customer Identification Form remains the same.

How do Digital Licences affect my AML/CTF Program?

AML/CTF programs use a risk-based approach to identify and pay winnings. To clarify, the primary form of identification presented for winnings that are payable by cheque is a Drivers Licence. As a result, you will need to assess the risk associated with accepting digital licences as a form of identification for your venue.
An AML/CTF Program amendment to your acceptable risks and procedures to reduce your exposure to this risk is required.

I need assistance with this!

Sure, The AML Company can assist you with your AML/CTF Program requirements.

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